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GFChefs Cookbook

Reminiscing about our delicious recipes? Check out this compilation of recipes from past GF Around the World Cooking Camps! The book includes recipes from Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Malawi, Italy and more. It is organized into 5 sections: snacks and drinks, salads and soups, main dishes, dips and sauces, and desserts.


Sharing The Luck

Writer and photographer Paloma Raffle captures the joy and vibrancy of children’s lives around the world in this stunning illustrated children’s book. For ten months, Paloma and her family traveled through 72 villages across 25 countries over 6 continents, and in each place visited children in their homes, schools and communities. Sharing The Luck describes these children’s countries, homes and lives and shares their remarkable stories. This book is full of joy, wonder and struggles — from two thirteen-year-old nuns who will live their lives in a Bhutanese monastery, to the Kenyan middle schooler who has to watch out for elephants and lions on her walk to school every day.