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Ask questions, share stories, and meet new friends in real-time.

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Adaptable menus can meet any dietary restrictions or preferences.

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All ages are welcome! We've taught kids ages 5-17. Parents of younger children, be ready to help your young chefs!

Class Prep

We provide a shopping list and recipe packet with notes and Instacart links so you can easily shop for ingredients.

Top Instructors

Caroline and Paloma have taught hundreds of GF chefs online. Learn more about us.

Upcoming CLASSES

Sunday, April 14th, 2024
2-4:30pm PST

Past classes

Since 2020 we have taught over 600 children and raised over $7,000 for gluten free non-profit organiztions.

Meet The Team

Our Story

Caroline was a middle schooler when she was diagnosed with celiac disease and her friend Paloma showed her how to make gluten-free Cheez-Its. Caroline and Paloma decided to start teaching GF cooking online to show other kids with celiac that they don’t have to miss out on eating delicious food! Their favorite part of teaching is talking with the kids about shared gluten-free experiences in their everyday lives. 

Paloma Raffle

Co-Founder & Chef

Paloma loves to cook, bake, create, and experiment. She has a family member with celiac disease and years of experience cooking gluten-free. In 2017, she took a gap year from school and traveled to 25 countries with her family where she learned about many cultures and how to cook local cuisines. Since then, she has enjoyed teaching other kids about the food of the world through the joy of cooking and eating! In her free time, Paloma enjoys playing the guitar, painting watercolor landscapes, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. She is a recent graduate of Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California, and a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley.

Caroline Pecore

Co-Founder & Chef

Caroline was diagnosed with celiac disease in eighth grade. She has been teaching online cooking classes for four years, and enjoys getting to know kids of all ages and teaching them how to cook delicious gluten-free food. In her free time, Caroline enjoys exploring the outdoors, rowing, reading, writing, and drawing. She is a recent graduate of Menlo-Atherton High School in Menlo Park, California, and a freshman at Yale University.


"I have been a high school teacher for 22 years and I think I know quality teens when I see them. You two girls are remarkable in every way. You not only created a fun cooking camp, but one that raises awareness about different cultures and promotes lifelong skills for kids with celiac disease. The camp was extremely well thought out and organized and the recipes and teaching styles were what I would expect from professional adult chefs/educators. THANK YOU!"
Stella Ciarlantini
Parent of a 2020 Fall Class Student
"Friends, I’m not saying this to be nice or grading on a curve because Caroline and Paloma are still in high school. I’ve taken a lot of cooking classes, and these were among the best. It’s an understatement to say my son loved these classes. They took place over four days, and he was STOKED for each one. Even better, the food he made was legit delicious—we ate every bite.
I could tell how much the kids in class (many of whom had celiac) appreciated being able to make and eat delicious food that wouldn’t make them sick. I’m something of a misanthrope, even under the best circumstances, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet such impressively creative, talented people."
Michael Milch
Parent of a 2022 Fall Class Student
"My own experience meeting and collaborating (virtually) with Caroline and Paloma on the fundraiser aspect is that they are cheery, quick to laugh, and undertook tasks and responded to suggestions with lightning speed and serious organization. Our foundation is made up entirely of volunteers and what we get done in any given year is in part a reflection of who jumps in to volunteer, collaborate, fundraise or just bounce suggestions our way. It was great fun to work with these two."
Jennifer Iscol
President at Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California

In the News

Culinary ‘trip around the world’ for gluten-free kids

By Jennifer Iscol, President at Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California

Two teens are offering gluten free cooking camps for kids

By Linda Hubbard, a reporter for local California newspaper InMenlo


GF Chefs Cookbook

Reminiscing about our delicious recipes? Check out this compilation of recipes from past GF Around the World Cooking Camps! The book includes recipes from Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Malawi, Italy and more. It is organized into 5 sections: snacks and drinks, salads and soups, main dishes, dips and sauces, and desserts.


Sharing The Luck

Writer and photographer Paloma Raffle captures the joy and vibrancy of children’s lives around the world in this stunning illustrated children’s book. For ten months, Paloma and her family traveled through 72 villages across 25 countries over 6 continents, and in each place visited children in their homes, schools and communities. Sharing The Luck describes these children’s countries, homes and lives and shares their remarkable stories. This book is full of joy, wonder and struggles — from two thirteen-year-old nuns who will live their lives in a Bhutanese monastery, to the Kenyan middle schooler who has to watch out for elephants and lions on her walk to school every day.


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